Fiberglass Flat Roofing

Fiberglass Roofs-Flat Roofs

Built like a Yacht
Baltimore, MD- January 13, 2016

What happens when you put a home improvement company and a fiberglass boat repair shop up on a roof? A flat roof that is leak free and ready to entertain on and protect your biggest investment!

American Flat Roof, (410) 924-539, is a new company started in Maryland and is quickly changing the way flat roofs are constructed. Traditionally, this part of a house or commercial building has been hard to maintain. Leaks or failures due to rain, snow, ponding water and sun damage were a constant problem and utilizing these decks and rooftops for foot traffic or added entertaining space wasn’t a good idea.

Fiberglass technology on flat roofs is nothing new in Europe, and the level of harsh conditions and stress these structures face in the U.K. is something Marylanders can easily relate to. “Just add our hot, humid summers and you wonder why black rubber or tar roofs have so many issues!” said John Romm, Director of Sales & Installation at American Flat Roof.

Fiberglass and the high tech resins American Flat Roof is using to permanently seal their customers’ roofs is well suited for this area. The large range of colors and textures for the finish coat means an energy saving cool roof that can also hold up to foot traffic and patio furniture is the new standard.

Take a look at their work below: