MRA Pooled Advertising Program

Maryland Roofing Association has initiated a Pooled Advertising Program to help Maryland Roofing Contractors grow their business. The program starts March 1, 2017.


What is Pooled Advertising?

Maryland Roofing Association will collect advertising money from several roofing companies and pool it together to purchase ads (Facebook Ads to start) targeting Maryland customers who may be in the need for roofing. 100% of the collected funds will go towards the total ad budget, MRA will take zero overhead.  All payments will be via PayPal Invoice.


How does this work?

We are searching for 1 roofing company in each of the following areas:

Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Frederick County, Harford County, Howard County,  Montgomery County and PG County.


Exclusive Leads!

When you pick the area you like, you effectively “own” that area.  MRA will then advertise roofing services under Maryland Roofing Association.  Any lead MRA gets through the marketing campaign, for your area, goes to you.  You get these leads exclusively.  All residential and commercial roofing repair/replacement leads go to you only, unlike Thumbtack or HomeAdvisor where each lead gets sold to numerous contractors.


How Much?

Based on county population. See below.  


Pick An Area:   Email with your interest:

Montgomery County:  $200/month <available> <backup>

PG County:  $200/month <available> <backup>

Baltimore County:  $200/month <available> <backup>

Baltimore City:  $150/month <available> <backup>

AA County:  $150/month <available> <backup>

Howard County:  $100/month <available> <backup>

Harford County:  $100/month <available> <backup>

Frederick County:  $100/month <available> <backup>

Carroll County: $50/month <available> <backup>

Cecil County: $50/month <available> <backup>


We will be collecting stats as we run this ad campaign.  March will be the first month MRA implements this program, so we do not have any past stats.

My name is Bernie and I run Maryland Roofing Association.  Contact me anytime.  I’m available 24/7 via Email.