Free roofing advice, recommendations, 2nd opinions, and estimate undercutting.

Maryland Roofing Association, comprised of some of the best roofing companies in Maryland, are offering free advice, information, and estimate undercutting.

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Free Advice

In our opinion, if you follow the below advice, you will get great roofing at a fair price:

Avoid roofing companies with 1-800 numbers
Avoid roofing companies with CEO’s. This indicates they do much more than roofing, and roofing doesn’t have 100% of their attention.
Get an estimate from a roofing company owner or project manager that will be on site for the duration, not a company that will send a salesman.
Choose a roofing company that operates efficiently, not a roofing company with bloated staff, high-priced offices, and one with fleets of trucks.
Choose a roofing company that doesn’t use gimmicks, not a roofing company that promises free roofing for the left side of your house, when you buy roofing for the right side.
Contact Maryland Roofing Association and request up to 3 estimates from our hand-picked, efficient, best of the best roofing companies in Maryland, who provide great roofing at a fair price. Fill the form below:

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