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You probably already have a reputable roofing company and have tons of great reviews. That’s great! Boost that good reputation with Maryland Roofing Association! MRA promotes expert-level roofing companies to Maryland homeowners and building owners.

Expert-Level Roofing Company

We will declare your company an “Expert-Level Roofing Company”! We will add your company name, number, and reviews to the front page of our website for all potential customers to see. The cost is about the same as your cell phone bill: only $125/month for 3 months ( $375 total.) See our homepage where we list our roofers, you can be there!

Maryland Roofing

FREE Bonus #1:

Free 3rd party validation: Along with being declared an Expert-Level roofing company, and listed on our website, MRA provides you an external, neutral, 3rd party validation that you are a trusted, reputable, and strong company! Also, you get to use our website and recommendation in your own marketing materials. Tell your potential customers, “We’re so good, even Maryland Roofing Association recommends us!”

FREE Bonus #2:

Get your name and number in front of an additional 40,000+ people per month. We run Facebook ads every other week promoting our roofers. We are currenlty running FB ads.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply! Email Bernie MRA
  2. We’ll add your company name/number/reviews to the front page of our website.
  3. We run FB ads every other week for all to see.
  4. Customers contact you directly! MRA is not involved with any transactions between you and the customer.
  5. You = Profit

If you’re a great roofing company and wish to be included on our website, and our FB ads, email

Maryland Roofing

Terms and Conditions: Automatic acceptance for certified GAF, CertainTeed, or Owens roofing companies with no recent bad reviews. Must be licensed/insured, of course. Open to the first five roofing companies that sign up and are approved. No refunds. Once approved, we will send you an invoice for record-keeping. Invoice can be paid with any credit card, or Paypal. Suggestions and questions are always welcomed, just email Bernie at the above email address.